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Fair, ethical, family-run. Great quality coffee delivered to your door.

Square House in your house.


Doug and Rachel

Our mission is to bring fair, ethical, great quality coffee direct to your door.

The name Square House reflects the fact that we are an ethically sound business. The ‘square’ part is from the saying “fair and square”. The ‘house’ part – well, that’s because it’s run by our family, from our home.

After getting married and merging our families in 2016 we were keen to work together and create a business. One of the many things we share a love for is coffee and so it was natural that we were drawn in this direction for our new venture.

But we never wanted this to just be about great tasting coffee. We wanted to build something that our children can be part of and, more importantly, which they can be proud of. So, we are using ethically sourced green beans which we get by direct trade and we have ensured that all our packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

At Square House we source the very best in directly traded green beans and collaborate to roast our own signature house blend and single origin beans from Burundi, Tanzania and Cameroon. Our plan is to add to our range of incredible flavours with beans from other regions as Square House grows.

We are also proudly supporting UK charity Children on the Edge through the business. We really value the work of charities like Children on the Edge and so we’ve made giving back to those in need a central part of our company’s DNA.

At Square house we want to be a household brand known for that quality, but also for our family values and our positive environmental and social impact.

We hope that your house will love Square House as much as we do.

Doug and Rachel